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Recently, CHANGXING HAIJIU BATTERY CO., LTD. was awarded the outstanding supplier of 2016-2017 from GLOBAL GARDEN PRODUCTS CO., LTD. (Guangzhou) which is at STIGA group.

It is said that STIGA group is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of garden equipment, whose headquarter is in Venice, Italy. As a leading force in European garden equipment industry, STIGA group focuses on the production and sales of various garden equipment and tools. Including hand - propelled lawn mower, knight mower, and a variety of hand-held power tools.

In 2007, STIGA group registered China's first manufacturing center, GLOBAL GARDEN PRODUCTS (Guangzhou) CO., LTD.GGP CHINA has a professional team that focus on the production of knight mower.CHANGXING HAIJIU BATTERY CO.,LTD. has provided the GGP high quality lawn mower lead acid battery for a long time. The characteristics of its high quality and excellent performance are highly recognized by enterprises.

The title of outstanding supplier of the year will help CHANGXING HAIJIU BATTERY to continuously expand the domestic market, and continue to provide high quality battery products to their customers.

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