Power Sport Battery Introduaction

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Customer Activated/Bottle Supplied( Conventional type& Maitenance Free type) :

This type of battery is shipped dry and can be either a Conventional or AGM.These batteries are shipping with the electrolyte stored in a plastic bottle.The battery is filled with electrolyte from the bottle when it’s ready to be activated. Once it’s unsealed, a battery should be activated,charged and installed. The plates of an unsealed battery will begin to oxidize making it more difficult to charge later.


● Extend shelf life and sulphation retardant.

● Thru-partition construction minimize internal resistance.

● Tight assembling technology resistsvibration damage.

Factory Activated (Gel or Acid Battery):

The battery is filled with electrolyte or Gel, sealed and activated at the factory.

These batteries must be used within a period of time and cannot be stored indefinitely,usually we suggest toRecharge the battery every 3 months or the battery OCV are below 12.6V.


● Ready to mount.

● Permanently sealed and non-Spillable.

● Hold Voltage better than conventional batteries.

● Tight assembling and higher plates to maximum performance.

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